The YouthBuild Mentoring Program is ready for YOU!

The YouthBuild Mentoring Program is ready for YOU!

Hello my name is Erica Simmons. I am the Mentor Coordinator for our YouthBuild of the Pineywoods program. I am very excited to finally get this component started because it will give you guys a chance to see first-hand how special our participants are. As a staff, we tend to brag about them all the time, but as a mentor you too can get a more personalized perspective. As a mentor you will get to see how hard they work, and how badly they want to make a better life for themselves and their families; for those who have other people they have to take care of.

As a Mentor, you will be matched with a YouthBuild participant (mentee) according to both the mentor and mentee specific interests and career pursuits. As a mentor, YouthBuild of the Pineywoods expects our mentors to be a contributing citizen in our community. Lucky for us, you; as a member of DETAB, and a local contractor/construction-industry employer in our region, you are exactly the kind of person we want our young people to learn from. Prior to being matched, both mentors and mentees will be trained in preparation for being matched. During training, we will discuss
• your role as a YB mentor
• how to build and maintain a healthy relationship between you and your mentee
• YB’s mentoring policies and procedures, and expectations
• Selecting activities to do with your mentees
• Problem solving strategies
• And then Match closure
Once matched, Mentors will meet with their mentees at least 4 hours per month. As a mentor, you will spend these hours working with your mentee to complete construction-and/or career-related service-learning projects that benefit our local community, job shadowing at your business or other worksites arranged by you, participating in construction industry-related activities offered by you and/or business colleagues, etc.

This unique partnership will bridge construction-industry business owners (Mentors) with potential employees (Mentees) to provide career coaching, networking opportunities, and guidance. After a specified match period, the match will officially end. However, we encourage the mentee/mentor relationship to continue for as long as the two you agree to continue the relationship.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, or you want a more personal approach to supporting our YB participants, or even if you want to share just a little bit of yourself someone else, please, please submit an application. Logo (640x207) (3)



Please click on the link for the application as a YouthBuild mentor.